Customized New York Metropolitan
and Southern Florida
pick-up and delivery service.


Trucking & Logistics Services

Sun Logistics LLC is actually a “family” of companies that serves a wide variety of customers. By combining the capabilities of six separate working units, Sun offers:

After operating a transportation and logistics business for 40 years in one of the toughest places on earth to pick-up and deliver, Sun has seen it all. From 5th floor, no-elevator two-man manufacturing pick-ups in Brooklyn, to unattended early morning basement retail deliveries in Manhattan, to deliveries to homes, farms and schools at the very eastern tip of Long Island and Key West, Sun has always received praise from it’s customers.

"It really is a pleasure to work with the Sun Logistics operations team. The drivers are courteous and polite and the follow-up by all the staff members is excellent."

Lisa A.
Logistics Manager for a large northeast distributor