Customized New York Metropolitan
and Southern Florida
pick-up and delivery service.


Our Assets

Sun Logistics NYC is a premier cartage and interline agent located in Maspeth (Queens) New York, just across the East River from Manhattan. From our 65 door, 5 acre terminal we service all 5 Boroughs including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. We also service ALL of Long Island including the North and South Forks every day. Click here for a map of the Sun New York service area.

Sun Logistics MIA is Southern Florida’s best choice for service to and in Miami and the surrounding counties. Our 62 door, 5 acre terminal not only performs P&D throughout the region but can offer cross-dock and deconsolidation services for all the nearby piers. Click here for a map of the Sun Miami service area.

PGA Delivery Service Inc, is the oldest and largest carrier to and from The Keys. PGA has been in business since 1970 and provides service between all points from Palm Beach to Key West every day. Click here for a map of the PGA Delivery Service area.