Customized New York Metropolitan
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Deconsolidation & Cross Docking

Because of Sun’s focus on Last Mile and Cartage services, our terminals have capacity to perform many logistics services during the day and especially during mid-week. One such service we offer is deconsolidation and transloading of containerized import shipments to domestic transportation modes.

Deconsolidating import containers of your products reduces transportation costs through the utilization of larger domestic trailers that reduce the number of deliveries to your customer.  We can help you with the over-the-road portion of this distribution process through our logistics division or utilize your truck or rail as directed.

We have also performed cross docking for distributors and retailers who have needed a facility set-up to perform this task. Cross docking can be a good solution for companies that:

  • Ship items from one or many facilities to one location in order to do additional work
  • Need special services such as labeling, repacking, order fulfillment, or product assembly.
  • Require consolidation of multiple shipments into a bulk shipment
  • Require deconsolidation of a bulk shipment into many smaller shipments directly to your customer (this is used where our customer would have many manufacturing/origin points shipped to our distribution center in order to fulfill order)
  • To reduce overhead costs in storing your inventory “in-house.”

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