Customized New York Metropolitan
and Southern Florida
pick-up and delivery service.


Pool Distribution & Consolidation


Pool distribution is the distribution of orders to numerous destination points within a particular geographic region, and for Sun’s network, that would be in the New York Metropolitan and Southern Florida markets. Typical customers bring us consolidated loads of regular shipments in LTL quantities, typically in the 150 to 10,000 pound range stripped and reloaded onto our local delivery trucks for delivery to the end user.


Being the reverse of pool distribution, we gather individual shipments from shippers throughout our operating territory, a First Mile Service, and inventory and consolidate at one of our two terminals. We then build detailed consolidated loads whatever destination you require. If you need, we can handle the linehaul through one of our contracted carriers in our forwarding or logistics divisions. Most importantly, you have visibility throughout the entire process through our detailed receipt and consolidate processes